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comparing prices made easy
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Sparklight provides fast and reliable high speed Internet, cable TV and phone services. No contract or bundle required. Sign up for service today!
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High Speed:
wired or wireless internet equipment your choice of a wired or wireless modem for only $8 more per month provides ease of mind ove...
High Speed:
promotional offer: $39 starter 100 plus for 6 months
High Speed:
regular price: $55 starter 100 plus
High Speed:
regular price: $65 streamer & gamer 200 plus
High Speed:
premier 60 mbps internet more great speed. same great value. up to 60 mbps download and 4 mbps upload speed*** 20 e-mail accounts ...
High Speed:
regular price: $80 turbo 300 plus
High Speed:
ultra 70 mbps internet the ultimate in fast. great for the serious gamer! up to 70 mbps download and up to 6 mbps upload speed*** ...
High Speed:
regular price: $125 gigaone plus
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