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comparing prices made easy
11- Jun -2023
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From: HostRocket
39 votes
Offer Details:
16 gb intel e5-2620 $119/mo. 12 visible cores 16 gb memory 2 x 1tb hdd or 2 x 500gb ssd 15 tb bandwidth 100 mbit uplink free raid 1 buy now
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Offer Rating:
(0 votes)
Slowly, but surly, I moving my sites out of this host. It's a pity because it was a good place. Hope they will get themselves together before, everyone will leave them.
18-Oct-2011 07:52
Great technical support. When I needed them, they were always quick to response, and believe me, I needed them a lot! Defiantly a worth host..
10-Sep-2011 11:02
Used to be one of the best, but nowadays they simply went wrong! Downtime getting worse by the minute. I don't recommend them.
02-Sep-2011 21:32
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